The Family & Childcare Department

Our family department is led by two partners in the firm with many years of experience dealing with Family cases, especially those involving children. Both partners are members of the Law Society’s Children’s Panel; Bob having been on the panel since its inception in 1986 and Julia since 2009.

Bob & Julia represent parents in care proceedings whose children have been removed by Social Services, as well as other family members, family friends and foster carers. In addition they frequently represent children in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas via their Children’s Guardian or directly, in both public and private children law matters including Care Proceedings, Child Arrangement Orders, Special Guardianship Orders and Adoption.

If the Local Authority Social Services department become concerned that your child (or children) is not being cared for appropriately it may become involved with your family. The Local Authority may even consider bringing court proceedings to your child in to care.

If this is the case you will usually receive a formal letter before proceedings from your Local Authority inviting you to a meeting. If you do not follow the instructions in this letter you may have to go to Court and your child or children could be taken into care. It is therefore essential you act quickly and seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

If you are a parent, Legal Aid will be available. If you are another member of the family it is possible that Legal Aid may also be able to assist you.

Bob & Julia are solicitor advocates by which we mean that they do not simply prepare your case from behind a desk but we actually then present it on your behalf to the court. Inevitably there will be occasions when they are not available to appear on your behalf and in those circumstances we will ensure that you are represented by an advocated of quality, usually a barrister.


If you are concerned about issues involving your children please contact our Family Department.

Bob Amos (Ext. 230) –

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