About Us

We have been present as solicitors in Stevenage advising individuals and companies for over 40 years. Today we do this for clients with interests around the world.

We like to believe we are a ‘family firm’, by that we mean a firm that is dedicated to meeting the needs of your family. Our priority is to build a long-term relationship with you, assisting you with buying your first home right through to preparing your wills and supporting your loved-ones when it is time to administer your estate. As a result of this approach we act for clients who have long since left the Stevenage area but still consider us to be their family solicitor.

Some may consider this approach old-fashioned or out-dated. We believe by taking this holistic approach to your needs we offer you advice and assistance of the highest standards that you can trust in. By earning your trust we earn your loyalty, a precious commodity in today’s world, so thank you again for visiting David Barney & Co Solicitors and putting your trust in us!

This site shows you how we can help and who to call but, if you’re not sure exactly who to speak to, then ring our receptionists and they will be happy to assist.